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The Pulsen Group

We want to be a part in creating a better world and a better life for people in many different areas. For us, we do this through IT. We face challenges and create long-term value with digital solutions, services and deep expertise together with our customers and our partners.

Pulsen was founded in 1964 and is the most experienced IT company in Sweden today. The family-owned group has over 1300 employees and a revenue of more than 3 billion kronor. The group consists of the four IT companies Pulsen Integration, Pulsen Omsorg, Pulsen Production and Pulsen Retail, as well as Pedab Group, Pulsen Fastigheter, Pulsen Konferens, Releasy and Indicate me, Hjältevadshus, 21 Grams and Pulsen Asset Management. The Pulsen Group head office is located in Borås, Sweden.


Companies in the Pulsen Group


The vision of Pulsen Integration is to be the leading supplier in the Nordics within Integration and Cyber Security.

Pulsen Omsorg

Delivers solutions for social services in municipalities and to private care givers.

Pulsen Production

Delivers IT services and IT infrastructure for business critical systems and solutions.

Pulsen Retail

Delivers omnichannel retail solutions and knowledge that enables shops and ecommerce retailers to grow.

Pulsen Fastigheter

Pulsen's real estate company operates over 100,000 sqm commercial and residential properties in Borås, Stockholm and Småland.


Pulsen Konferens is the first KRAV certified lunch and conference facility in Sweden.


Pedab Group distributes IT infrastructure and software solutions.


Releasy is one of Sweden's leading operators in customer services and sales. Through the subsidiary Indicate Me they also develop user friendly web services for customer services.


Hjältevadshus produces safe and energy efficient houses with high standards and fixed prices with a unique building method.

21 Grams

21 Grams delivers easy and simple communication, both in physical and digital form. Twenty percent of all electronic invoices and every second letter in Sweden is handled by 21 Grams.


Head office:

Nils Jakobsons gata 5
Borås, Sweden

Phone: +46 33-17 18 00

E-post: info@pulsen.se

Invoice: skanning@pulsen.se


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Head office:

Nils Jakobsonsgatan 5
Borås, Sweden

Postal: Box 881,
SE-501 15 Borås, Sweden



Phone: +46 (0)33-17 18 00

E-post: info@pulsen.se

Faktura: skanning@pulsen.se


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